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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Coincidence of the week

Having just moved to a new place a few months ago, I only have one friend here, other than my boyfriend (henceforth to be referred to as Mr. Cool), my knitting group, and some acquaintances at the climbing gym. So last night, my friend, Mr. Cool, and I went out for New Year's. We were in line to get in to see some crappy local band at a crappy local brewery with crap beer, and who should end up in line behind us? Some friends of my friend. That doesn't sound particularly coincidental yet, but just wait. When I turned around to be introduced to those folks, right behind them in line I saw someone from knitting group, so I said hello. She starts to chat with me, then mentions that she thinks the folks standing between us (friends of both my friend and the woman from knitting group) bought one of my hats. I chat with them for a minute and confirm this, then let them go back to doing their New Year's thang. (I didn't want to scare one of the two people who have purchased something I knit by coming on too strong.)

I guess it's not that exciting, but it was to me. It seems like the chances of the person who bought one of my hats:
a) ending up in line directly behind us
b) being friends with the one friend I have here
is pretty slim.

I wish I had a photo of the hat, but alas, I did not take one before selling it. It's a really fun hat, made with very bulky Plymouth Encore Mega in purple and bright pink, with some eyelash yarn (Berrocco Sizzle) in pink and purple mixed in for part of it. I made one in the same materials for my best friend, who is living in Eastern Europe right now, so perhaps I can get a picture from her of it in use.


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