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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hurts so good

I think I have injured my wrists, hands and elbows from knitting too much. Of course, my excessive computer use and rock climbing could have contributed as well. It seems that too many of my hobbies are hard on the same parts of my body.

Regardless of the exact cause, I'm taking a couple of days off knitting since it doesn't feel great, but it's really difficult to stick to this. I really want to finish my super top secret project for my mom before my parents visit (9 days away). Plus, there are a number of things in my stash calling out to me, primarily my Teseo in this lovely teal/green color. I'm thinking wristwarmers.

I used the same yarn in a red/brown color for the first hat I ever made, which I absolutely adore and wear all the time. I love the feel of the yarn, the way it looks knit up, and the self-striping makes it look like I did more work than I actually did.

The other yarn I've been drooling over lately is some recently added yarn at Miss Hawklet. Specifically, this yarn below, which has already been bought my some lucky person.


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