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Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm a winner

I have not posted for a while because my parents are visiting and that has been keeping me occupied. On the plus side, I will soon post pictures the knitted items I made them for Chanukah, since they have now received them. Also pretty neat - we went to the Grand Canyon this weekend, which was so perfect - this is the best time of year to go. We had been there once before, in August many years ago, and it was so crowded and so hot, it was ridiculous and hard to fully enjoy it. This trip was so much nicer and now I want to go back with Mr. Cool within the next few months and do a proper hike down into the inner canyon.

In knitting-related news, I recently won a contest on savannahchik. She was looking for suggestions for what to do with Koigu sock yarn besides making socks with it. I suggested legwarmers, and she ended up going with my suggestion! I am excited to see her progress on them, and also excited to receive the yarn she is sending me as a prize! Thanks, Jody!

Pictures of my parents Chanukah presents to come very soon!


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