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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mail Love

I love getting things in the mail. Today, I received the most wonderful box of goodies (pictured above), kindly preopened (and then resealed) for me by US customs. Thankfully, everything was still carefully and beautifully packaged when it got to me, and they didn't take any treats (that I could tell). The goodies came from my Swap-bot tea swap partner. It turns out my partner lives in Germany, so the tea and snacks she sent were all things I hadn't seen before. Neat! She also sent the most ladylike little tea cup and saucer, a neat tea tin (with yummy chocolates inside), and a beaded bookmark.
How could I resist? I immediately made a pot of tea for Mr. Cool and I, and we sampled all of the snacks. I served the snacks on one of the tea themed napkins my partner sent - how thoughtful! I loved all of it, swap buddy, thank you so much!
My other tea swap partner, the one I sent this to, graciously sent me a wonderfully packaged thank you note, and a few bags of tea! She didn't have to, but it was much appreciated! By the way, the baked goodies I sent to my partner were mandel bread, but I didn't want to give it away, since I was sending some to my parents too. Perhaps I'll post the recipe soon, which is from my grandmother.
I also received a package of assorted wonderfulness on Tuesday. Look at it all! There are batik fabric squares, banana nut muffin mix, a lovely lavender soap, assorted buttons, spiced cider mix, the usual notes and clippings, Nori Maki crackers (already half eaten, and I had to restrain myself so as not to eat them all at once - why do I love seaweed so much?), and my favorite - the tea towels! I want to use them in my kitchen, but I am also tempted to make an apron out of one or more of them.

If this package were from someone other than my mom, I would probably call it a swap package, but since it is from my mom, I think it has to be called a care package. Thanks so much mom! Everything in it was perfect and just the pick-me-up I needed this week.

Also, speaking of mail and packages, I have decided not to participate in any more Swap-bot swap for a while. Instead, I'll be participating in Secret Pal 9! I'm quite excited. If you're interested, hurry over and sign up, the deadline is September 30.


  • Wow, that is a wonderful stash.

    I read your blog regularly but rarely have a comment that I think is noteworthy. I don't knit but I enjoy seeing what you are doing....

    I am Canadian however, and have tried to send Tea to the US before. Interesting enough, your Homeland Security has sent out new guidelines to Canada (and perhaps other countries?) restricting "consumable items" that can be mailed to the US. Believe it or not, tea is one of them. Our post office suggested I not send tea to my friend because the US would reject it. That is likely why your package was searched. The tea.....

    All the best.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:09 AM  

  • I was enjoying reading the beginning of your latest entry and started wondering when you would receive the package that I sent ...and then there it was -- beautifully photographed. I am so glad that you like the bundle. And those wonderful kitchen towels were a last minute addition. I was at the check-out of a small country store and they just called out to I had to hold up the line a minute (generally easier to do in a small country store!) to grab them and say..These are for my daughter.

    By Anonymous MOMMO, at 6:14 AM  

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