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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rainy Sunday

It was quite sunny this morning when I went to the farmer's market, but now that I want to take some photos, its pouring outside. The photo is from a lovely drive we took yesterday.

I made some progress on my Crafty To Do list; today I finished mending three shirts, hemmed a pair of pants, and made a patchwork pillow (decided one of the bags was better suited as a pillow). I actually ironed before sewing, which I am usually too lazy to do, and everything went so much more smoothly, it was amazing. I now love my iron and ironing board.

I also made some chicken salad today from leftover baked chicken, which turned out quite delicious. Here is my recipe:

chicken, diced
mayo, plenty
diced apple (I used about 1/3 apple for 2 large chicken breasts)
diced olives (just a few)

Mix it all together and adjust ingredient proportions to taste. This would taste really good on some fresh sourdough bread. Alas, we only had white, but it was still yummy.

We've also been working on finishing off some Vanilla Buttercream Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting that I made earlier this week. They are so unhealthy (3 sticks of butter!?) but oh so good.

I'm looking for a specific chocolate cupcake recipe. They are vegan, very moist, and have a liquid, almost ganache-like center. Has anyone seen a recipe for something like this?


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