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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Veggies, sprouts and a good book

Today was another productive but semi-lazy Sunday. I went to the Farmer's Market this morning. I tend to get carried away and spend more money than I mean to and/or buy things that I don't use. So today I set myself a budget of $10, and got the following:
Swiss chard, a honeydew, tomato, 2 peaches and some potatoes for a grand total of $9.70. I sauteed the Swiss chard and tomato with some garlic and tofu and had it on top of brown rice for dinner. Yum.

Oh, and that is more banana bread that I made in the background. I thought I was so clever putting a pretty bowl upside down over it as a cover. Then when I went to cut myself a piece, an earwig came crawling out. Serves me right, I was really just being lazy not cutting it up and putting it in tupperware right away.
These are little thyme sprouts coming up. I am excited for them to be big enough to use in my cooking!
I have this book out of the library right now, and I am quite impressed with it. Definitely a book I'd consider adding to my library. There aren't too many patterns, and I probably wouldn't make most of them anyway, but the swatches and instructions for all the different techniques are incredible.
I think the techniques I most want to try out now are weaving (both with yarn and with thread or other materials) and couching.

Oh, and I will be posting an official announcement of my Etsy shop soon (I'm still adding a few things and trying to figure out how to make a banner), but in the meantime, you can take a peek at it here.


  • Congratulations! It's looking good and I am impressed with the number of views already -- shows that Esty gets a lot of traffic. Good luck!

    By Anonymous MOMMO, at 3:43 AM  

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