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Sunday, July 02, 2006

My Sunday

I didn't get too much done today, but it was a pleasantly mellow Sunday. Went out for bagels with a good friend, ran into the sweet Amanda and Max of Zhinka Dhinka Doo, strolled around the farmer's market, spent some time with my sweetheart, and baked some banana bread. A good day. The banana bread recipe is from Post Punk Kitchen, but I substituted wheat flour for half of the white flour, decreased the amount of sugar a little, and used half applesauce and half margarine for the shortening. Plus I made a double batch and put chocolate chips in one loaf. Yum.
I did not start my next knitting project today, but I thought about it. I am planning on making the French Market Bag from with Cascade Pastaza in a pretty light blue and black (for the bottom and handles). The other yarn below is still awaiting a project, but it's so lovely it was just asking to be in the picture too. I will start on the market bag soon... it's my first felting project, so I'm excited.


  • Nice to see you here again!
    I ran off the recipe -- but may wait till you are home to cook it.

    I do like that you finally ran into the other blogger -- and that the recognition was via son's photo.

    Happy baking, happy eating, happy knitting, etc.

    By Anonymous MOMMO, at 4:22 PM  

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