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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Retail therapy?

I've been seeing a lot of mentions of retail therapy in the blogosphere recently. I must say I'm not crazy about the concept of retail therapy... to me it's often too focused on consumption for its own sake, and I think that can get out of control. However, sometimes I feel a little left out and want cute and fun new things too. I do try to only buy things I will use and balance it out by getting rid of things I'm no longer using.

I recently helped a friend clean out her closet - and in exchange got a few cute things, but not necessarily what I could most use for the upcoming months. So I went to the thrift store to fill in the gaps a bit. I try to keep a running list of things I want or need for around the house, projects, etc. Two of the things on my list that I scored this time were a Scrabble set (with all the pieces!) and a tray to put under my humidifier (since it sometimes leaks). I also got 4 summery tops, a pair of nice soft cotton pajama pants, a pair of hang out/climbing pants, and 2 pairs of short pants (Yes, I know they're called capris or clamdiggers or various other names depending on length. But since I'm short, they're never really the length they're intended to be, and they generally look like slightly too short pants on me. But they're comfy, so I wear them.)

But back to the retail therapy thing... what's your take? Do you do it and if so, how frequently? With guilt or glee? Can you afford it? Do you have the space? Does it match your politics? Do you justify it in certain ways? What other things do you/might you substitute for retail therapy that would have a similar effect/feeling?

Questions for myself, I guess, but if you'd like to share any of your answers, I'd love to hear.


  • I am a firm believer in Shopping Therapy- if you can afford it, but I guess thats why there are Thrift Stores/Salvation Army. It is a great high, like eating chocolate without the calorie guilt. I usually save any gift certificates for those days when I need some shopping therapy. Last week was one of those times- Had a Barnes & Nobles g.c. that I used and then went to Old Navy where I got a hoody mark down from $35 to $5. Got 5 books and a hoody for $15 (plus the overpriced coffee sold at the bookstore) and I felt much better!
    btw- I also tend to call them "short pants", but people laugh at me.

    By Anonymous marissa, at 9:53 AM  

  • Oh I am so guilty of using retail therapy for a pick-me-up. I am getting much better than I used to be. No I can't afford it, no I don't always have room for what I buy. And what I buy varies depending on the season or the mood. In the spring and fall I seem to buy things for the house. I'm not much of a clothes buyer but when I find something I like I want to buy several.

    By Anonymous autum, at 6:19 AM  

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