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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


After seeing deviled eggs on Lisa's blog not too long ago, I've been itching to make (and more importantly, eat) them. So Sunday I decided to make them for dinner. Then I couldn't decide on an entree, so I just went with more hors d'oeuvres. We had crackers, crudites, Oriental Dip (yes, that's what it's called in my old copy of Joy of Cooking), olives, really excellent dill pickles, and very ripe honeydew with ham. I had planned to make my Avo-Bean Glop too, but then I realized we already had the perfect amount of food for a warm summer evening.

What's your favorite hors d'oeuvre?

Edited to add: Apparently someone else had deviled eggs on the brain as well. Though her way of keeping the yolks from turning green seems pretty convoluted to me. Joy of Cooking just told me to run the eggs under cold water after I simmered them for 15 minutes, and that seemed to work fine.


  • Hi - wow! I had been told that I needed to come visit here, and now I see why!

    I am she of the convoluted egg method - and you are right, it does seem labor intensive. You are also right in thinking that the whole process seems unnecessary to prevent the green ring...

    The green ring is a chemical reaction caused by too much heat - either too much heat, too fast; or for too long. The initial plunge in ice water is to stop the cooking.

    What seems unnecessary then is the additional boil followed by more ice water - that has nothing to do with preventing the green line. What that does is help to shrink the membrane inside each egg, making them easier to peel!
    And if you use organic or fresh-laid eggs (both of which have thinner and more clingy shells than regular grocery store eggs) you know what a pain they can be to try to shell. The additional boil/plunge really makes it easier - but if I didn't have trouble peeling the eggs I was using, I wouldn't bother with it!

    Thanks for stopping by - and I'm excited to discover your site!

    By Blogger LLA, at 8:49 AM  

  • efelants make one dreamy for childrens books and visits from long lost sisters at mountain top castles

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:13 AM  

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