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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Vest Obsessed and a Wildlife Report

There is just something about the asymmetric seed stitch vest found here that I can't get over. Is it the variegated body with solid colored bands? The asymmetric join in the front? The seed stitch? (I do love seed stitch.)

But there is something weird about it. Almost ugly. It walks that odd line between ugly and awesome. I don't like the racer back. I do not like how cropped it is. I am not sure how I feel about the lacing. And there's nothing wrong with the girl wearing it, but her body type is so different from mine, I have no point of reference for how it would look on me.

So. Since I have been eying this vest for months, I think I finally need to do something with it. I'm thinking lengthening it, adding shoulders, widening the back, possible adding bands of solid color along the part that laces... anything else? I'm currently swatching and designing, so I'll post a photo when I have something to show.

Mr. Cool and I went on a hike yesterday in a very wild canyon. The photo above is from another recent hike since we forgot to bring the camera yesterday. It's a shame too, since we saw the most wildlife we've seen here in one day: a tarantula, several mule deer, a bear, some native trout (many of the streams around here are stocked, but this one was too remote) and a couple of elk. We've seen mule deer and elk around here before, they are fairly common. Tarantulas aren't even supposed to live this high up (as far as I know), but I'm about 90% sure it was a tarantula. It was very hairy and large, and had a lighter colored abdomen with very dark legs. The bear we saw from a comfortable distance, and it looked right at us, then turned and lumbered away. That was pretty neat.

I also finally remembered (OK, Mr. Cool reminded me) to smell a ponderosa pine tree. Lo and behold, as Amanda said, they do smell delicious. I thought the one I sniffed smelled like butterscotch. Next hike, I'll have to smell some more and see if I think they all smell like butterscotch, or if I find any vanilla or bubble gum.


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